Action e-lert: It's time to do something


The MBTA is proposing fare increases and service cuts despite the fact that the MBTA serves more people more efficiently and cost effectively than ever before. More than 1.3 millions trips are taken every weekday.


So am I dreaming? How can such service cuts be proposed in such a livable city that thrives precisely because there are so many opportunities to take transit, bicycle, and walk?


Inadequate funding by the state legislature means the MBTA is stuck with two options: raise fares, cut service. And this only takes care of this year. Unless something changes, more cuts and higher fares will be needed next year too.


We need your help in asking all of our Senators and Legislators in the Statehouse to develop a long-term funding plan for transit.


What can you do? It's as simple as...


Learn. Visit our website to find out more about the current proposal and the bigger transportation funding problem. We have compiled some useful talking points. The more you know, the better you can explain it to others.


Share. Forward this e-lert to 5 or more friends, colleagues, family members, and neighbors and make an effort to talk with them about the issues. The more aware people are, the more our elected officials will listen.


Talk. Tell your local elected officials what you think (click here to find out who they are: Tell them what choices you would be forced to make if the fares were increased and services you use cut. Ask them to support a more complete package of funding for transportation than simply raising MBTA fares. Also email your thoughts to [email protected].


Speak up. Attend one of the MBTA public hearings (click here for full schedule) to physically show your support for transit and the MBTA.


Take the street. Transportation Justice Rally and public hearing. Monday, January 23, 12-2 pm. 12 pm: Meet in front of the State House, march, and finish at the State Transportation Building, 10 Park Plaza. 1 pm: MBTA public workshop. Give testimony.

 LivableStreets is part of broader coalitions working on progressive transportation funding, such as On The Move Transportation Justice Coalition (OTM) and the Transportation for Massachusetts (T4MA). Join or renew your LivableStreets membership today and be proud to join thousands of others in the larger movement for good transportation in Boston.


Volunteer. Help us out by handing out flyers at MBTA stations to raise awareness about what's happening. email [email protected]


PS - It's time to do something. Learn, share, talk, give, volunteer, speak up, and take the street and march.