Street Talks


StreetTalks are LivableStreets’ discussion series. They are forums for learning, a time to discuss important issues and a way for us to gain feedback from our constituents. 

Featured 2015 StreetTalk events:

10-in-1_Alice.jpg5th Annual StreetTalk 10-in-1 

In December 2015, over 200 advocates, city officials, policy makers and constituents packed Old South Meeting House for our annual 10-in-1 StreetTalk event.  

Building on the Meeting House’s long tradition of hosting spirited, thought-provoking discussions, the event featured 10 short form presentations all designed to highlight innovative ideas to transform our streets. From making buses sexy to treating streets like coloring books to make them safer, each speaker shared examples of how they are actively working to transform the streets of Metro Boston, making our city a better place to live, work and play.

A special highlight from the evening was the release of the City of Boston's Vision Zero Action Plan, announced by Mayor Walsh via video message. Members of the Massachusetts Vision Zero Coalition, including LivableStreets, provided feedback and recommendations to the city's task force during the planning process. 

Featured 10-in-1 Speakers (click title to view presentation): 

Alice Brown, Project Manager, GoBoston 2030:

GoBoston 2030: Framing new transportation conversations

Kris Carter, Co-Chair, Mayor’s Office of New Urban Mechanics: 

Passive data, active science: An experimental approach to improving the operation of our streets

Mark Chase, Urban Transportation Consultant, Tufts University:

Neighborways: Creating low stress street networks for kids & kids at heart

Jackie Douglas, Executive Director, LivableStreets Alliance:

Making Buses Sexy

Scott Hamwey, Manager of Long-range Planning, MassDOT: 

Incorporating today's emerging trends into a 2040 strategic vision for the MBTA

Tommy Hayes, Transportation Policy Manager, Lyft:

Safe Streets for All: How Lyft can help cities advance the goals of Vision Zero

Matt Lawlor, Partner, Robinson + Cole:

Forging a New Path: Roslindale Gateway to the Arboretum

Russ Lopez, Senior Research Associate, Dukakis Center for Urban and Metropolitan Policy @Northeastern University:

How to stop a highway and accomplish other impossible feats of strength

Connor McKay, Data Scientist, City of Boston, Citywide Analytics Team: 

Passive data, active science: An experimental approach to improving the operation of our streets

Ari Ofsevit, Lead Advocate, I-90:

Rethinking the 1-90 Allston Interchange: A vision for what’s possible

Vivian Ortiz, Project Coordinator for Mattapan, Let's Get Healthy, Boston! Initiative:

Invisible to Whom? Age, race and place take a ride



StreetTalk: Connecting Our Urban Greenways 

In November 2015, we invited a panel of experts to grapple with some big questions while engaging audience members in discussion around the Emerald Network—a vision for 200 miles of seamless shared-use paths across the Metro Boston area. With more than 100 miles of the network already built, and 30 miles in design or construction—the remaining 70 miles is a significant, but not impossible gap to fill. What role could the Emerald Network play in not only increasing mobility options for people in the Metro area, but also tackling challenges like economic development, equity, climate change and public health in urban Boston? How do we build it? What are the challenges? How do we get there? By proactively gathering people at all levels of advocacy and expertise, our StreetTalks created an important forum for learning, sharing and discussion. 

Featured Speakers: 

Julia Africa  MdesS, MAOM, Program Leader: Nature, Health, & the Built Environment, Harvard School of Public Health

Cheri Ruane  RLA, Vice President, Spurr Design Studio, President, BSLA

Matt Kiefer  Co-Founder of Emerald Network Initiative, Land Use Attorney, Goulston and Storrs







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