Working to improve transit

Transportation Bill Passes!
The Massachusetts State Legislature secured the biggest investment for state transportation in decades. Thanks to LivableStreets and partner organizations’ members’ petitions, phone calls, and visits to the hill, the bill:
       Invests a dedicated $600M/year in MA's transportation system a year for the next 5 years
       Closes the MBTA's structural budget gap for 2013, which was over $100M this year
       Caps fare increases at a 5% increase every two years
       And more - see more on the bill here

Transit advocacy
We connect the MBTA to advocates when considering station upgrades for bike parking, access and security. We fight fare increases and service cuts, while raising awareness of the agency’s unjust debt burden.

Work with MBTA to leverage stimulus funds
LivableStreets works with the MBTA on numerous projects to improve multi-modal transportation. LivableStreets worked with the MBTA to leverage stimulus funds for bike shelters at major train, subway and bus stations in over 50 locations in the region.