We are as we move. We make personal choices, but those choices are shaped by our surroundings. And our surroundings are shaped by a web of inter-connected systems including transportation, energy, technologies, economics, and more. These systems make some choices easy and others extremely difficult — even to the point of shaping our assumptions about what is possible versus what we don’t even bother thinking about.

Transportation, like the others, has a huge impact on where we live and work, the kinds of work we do, the types of food and shelter we consume, how we play and relate to others, our health, our environment, and everything else. As Winston Churchill said about architecture – “We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us” – so, too, about transportation.

This blog will explore how our transportation system can be structured to improve our lives – to make it easier to earn a living, buy our necessities, stay healthy, participate in supportive families and communities, be active citizens, be creative and enjoy ourselves throughout the life cycle – by creating more livable streets.  The entries are intended to be analytic commentaries about larger issues rather than personal feelings about daily activity.

Every entry in this blog has its own title and is grouped into a few general categories (e.g. Road Design & Mode Change, Transportation Health & Safety, Creating Sustainable Change, etc.). Each item is also “tagged” with one or more descriptors (e.g. Boston, Bicycling, DCR, MassHighway/DOT, Transit, Bridges, Walking, etc.) You can search by entry title or posting date, by category, by tag, or even by word (e.g. Longfellow Bridge).

NOTE: Although this blog is hosted by LivableStreets Alliance, it expresses my personal opinions rather than an organization position. But I invite you to comment – although I reserve the right to delete personal attacks, inappropriate language, commercial plugs, and other non-relevant material. I hope the resulting dialog is informative, fun, and even useful.

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