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Sample Fundraising Ask

Hello Friends & Family,

I’m very excited to be taking part in the LivableStreets Tour de Streets bike ride on September 7! 2019 marks my ______ year of being involved with this amazing movement for safer streets and this year I’m going BIG. With your help, I know I can raise $ _______. Won't you join me? Join my team or simply donate here:

Why I'm raising money for LivableStreets. It’s simple—I don’t want to lose one more person to a traffic crash. I am tired of seeing communities suffer because of poor street design and policies. I am tired of hearing that another amazing human has been injured or killed while simply trying to walk, bike, or drive to where they needed to go. We need safer streets now, and LivableStreets is leading advocacy work across Metro Boston to show what is possible.

How do I plan to accomplish my goal? Fearlessly fundraise. Volunteer my time and energy as much as possible. Share my positive spirit and encouragement. Cheer on my teammates. Share why I do this year after year. Spread the word. Won't you help? Share a link to my campaign:

Who am I walking/riding for? I fundraise, ride, and volunteer for everyone who has been injured or killed in a traffic crash in Boston. I ride for people who may want to change up their commute, but may be afraid or lack access to safe passage. I ride for future generations so they can have clean air, and choice of transportation, and high quality of life.

Together, I truly believe we can create safer streets. We have made so much progress thanks to LivableStreets and thanks to YOU. The only way to keep moving forward is to support the work. Any donation helps! Be sure to check out my profile today—

With love, hugs, and green paint --

Please feel free to follow my journey on Facebook and/or Instagram @amyridesagain

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