For Boston riders, transit woes continue to pile up

"Charlie Baker was handed a system that he knew was underfunded, and his approach was to starve the system instead of going to the legislature for appropriate resources. I do think he bears responsibility for not even trying,” Continue reading


“If most of the team is from inside [the MBTA], you’re not getting that outside perspective that’s pretty desperately needed right now.” Continue reading

MBTA pauses nearly all contractor work on tracks for 48 hours after fed crackdown

“I unfortunately think that the FTA is following an old playbook, where they sort of just stopped work, ask agencies to send them more paperwork and don’t offer meaningful solutions,” Continue reading

Eng announces shake-up in MBTA leadership, including new safety chief

“Now there are clear leadership structures internally where we'll know if something goes wrong, who was responsible for those challenges,” Continue reading

LivableStreets Hosts ‘Tour de Streets’

“We’re an access and equity organization, and the way we achieve those goals is by focusing on our largest shared public spaces, which are our streets,” Continue reading

Here's why the T is so slow, according to a new report

We answer the basic questions about the report with insights shared by Stacy Thompson of the advocacy group LivableStreets and Boston Globe transportation reporter Taylor Dolven during a conversation with WBUR's Radio Boston. Continue reading

Healey’s Transportation Secretary Gina Fiandaca out after less than a year

“In any administration, there’s always the first secretary to go. So this just happens to be Gina Fiandaca,” Continue reading

Mass. transportation secretary will step down fewer than eight months after she started. Why?

“This job,” Thompson said, “is less about ribbon cuttings and more about operations.” Continue reading

Fiandaca Departing After Short Stint As Transpo Secretary

"But we didn't really see Gina out front a lot," she said. "It's hard to exactly name what she was or was not doing." Continue reading

Know anyone who wants to be chief safety officer at the MBTA?

“He walked into the middle of a pandemic which turned into an abject safety crisis under an administration that wasn’t willing to give him the resources he needed,” Continue reading

MBTA's chief safety officer resigning this month, GM says in letter

Hear what LivableStreets Alliance Executive Director Stacy Thompson, and others, had to say on the MBTA's chief safety officer resigning. Continue reading

Millionaire’s Tax targeted to close loophole, too soon critics say

“Everyone is very well aware of the challenges the MBTA is facing right now and the literal billions of dollars of work they need to do. But we have 15 regional transit authorities across the state. Many do not have money to run evening and weekend service,” Continue reading

Can’t find a spot? Parking in Boston neighborhoods leaves many people ‘screwed’

“We need to charge for parking, and we need to limit the number of cars households can have. That’s the way to do it and that doesn’t make people happy. But that’s the most effective way,” Continue reading

The T and the tunnel

The Sumner Tunnel is closing for nearly two months, beginning in early July, to allow for repairs. Can the beleaguered T pick up the slack? Continue reading

Boston bike lanes plan draws opposition: The proposed routes would be ‘deadly’

“There’s almost no bus or bike project that happens in the metro Boston region that there isn’t some group that believes it will somehow cause more congestion or make it harder for them to get around,” Thompson said. “It’s part of a bigger backlash that we see in Boston, and frankly, cities around the country.” Continue reading

Forget charts and bar graphs. Turn data into a play, ‘make them more human’

“We need to be able to have these really heady quantitative conversations with people who understand these nitty-gritty metrics. But then when we move back to the community, it’s really about storytelling.” Continue reading

Worcester’s Got Skin in Allston I-90 Rebuild, Say Biz Leaders

“We have a year to get this right,” said Stacy Thompson, executive director of transit advocacy group LivableStreets, citing the Biden administration’s ambitious infrastructure plans under the Inflation Reduction Act. “If we don’t take this moment now, we’ve missed a generational opportunity. We don’t have another decade.” Continue reading

New records show the close calls on MBTA tracks that prompted federal safety demands

Stacy Thompson, executive director of LivableStreets Alliance, a nonprofit transportation advocacy organization, said preventing the close calls that caught the attention of federal regulators requires focusing on basic principles like training and procedures. Continue reading

As driving-related casualties mount, what would make Massachusetts roads safer?

Adam Reilly discusses with Brendan Kearney, the deputy director of WalkMassachusetts, and Stacy Thompson, the executive director of Livable Streets. Continue reading

MBTA facing new scrutiny, deadline on worker safety from federal officials unhappy with plan

Stacy Thompson, executive director of LivableStreets Alliance, said that if the T failed to meet the FTA’s requirements, federal regulators wouldn’t likely make a move that could shut down service. Instead, they would be more apt to increase safety oversight of the state agency. Continue reading

Is the T transparent about its shortcomings?

Transit advocates have long criticized the MBTA's approach to communications. Can a new general manager and a new chief communications officer change the agency's relationship with riders? Stacy Thompson of Livable Streets, along with State Representative Mike Connolly, join us to discuss. Continue reading

Boston cyclists hope more commuters give two wheels a spin

On a recent morning, dozens of people zoomed through the city's bike paths. They ranged from "younger folks, older folks, people in spandex, people dressed for work, the whole gambit of folks," said Stacey Thompson, executive director of the nonprofit LivableStreets. Continue reading

We "T" off on the latest headlines for the MBTA

Smoldering wires in a Red Line station. A no-bid contract awarded to the state secretary of transportation's former brother-in-law. A controversial land buy near South Station. We check in on the MBTA. Congressman Seth Moulton joins us, along with transportation advocates Stacy Thompson and Chris Dempsey. Continue reading

Proposed bill would create new commission to oversee MBTA safety

LivableStreets Alliance Executive Director Stacy Thompson supports the measure. “This is about multiple industries that [DPU officials] oversee and regulate, and making sure that there is a transparent, independent body that can look at all of those issues and make sure that we are regulating them in the most safe way.” Continue reading

Massachusetts lawmaker wants to divert control of commuter rail from MBTA

“Maura Healy hired a really good safety officer,” Thompson said. “It’s great that she hired really wonderful DPU commissioners, but it doesn’t solve this core problem of independent oversight that we have models of in the state and that the federal government is encouraging us to do.” Continue reading

T: Machine that fell on Red Line passenger was last used in 2013

The MBTA has released more details about an incident that left one Red Line rider with minor injuries after a utility box fell from a column at the Harvard Square station. The transit agency said Monday’s incident was caused by “corrosion on the support straps that secured the box to the column.” Continue reading

Let's talk T: What's the future like for the MBTA?

We talk about the current developments with the T and then look ahead to its future. MBTA Advisory Board Executive Director Brian Kane joins us in studio, as well as local public transportation advocate Stacy Thompson and WBUR transportation reporter Andrea Perdomo-Hernandez. Continue reading

Fare debate: Make buses free to all

The mounting nationwide data are quite clear—there are many benefits of eliminating fare collection, especially on buses. Continue reading

MBTA finishes safety inspections of its tracks, a key step toward trains returning to normal speed

“We want to understand: What did they discover?” Thompson said. “Were there problems that weren’t noted before? What were they tracking?” Continue reading

Mass. Lawmakers To Re-Introduce Legislation For Fare Free Public Transit

"The reality is free transit is working. We are seeing massive transit improvements in Boston, Merrimack Valley, and Worcester— these systems are bucking the trends of downward transit ridership that was happening before the pandemic," Thompson said. Continue reading