Healthy Children, Urban Happiness and Bike Tourism

As a mother who wants her young daughter to be confident, independent and free to play with new friends she meets outside, I support LivableStreets for advocating for a better community with safe and convenient walking, biking and transit for everyone.

As someone who grew up where my bike was my lifeline to adventure, learning and fresh air, I support LivableStreets for enabling this youth experience for all children in metro Boston.

As an adult, I want vibrant streets full of life, outdoor dining, inspiration, random meetups with friends and a healthy and happy community.

And finally, as the Founder of Bikabout, I want to grow urban sightseeing by bike in Boston. In order for us to remain competitive with Montreal, Portland, Minneapolis and Vancouver, we need LivableStreets to advocate for first class transit and bus service, neighborhood greenways and a network of protected bike infrastructure.

Megan Ramey 1917.60sc

Megan Ramey