Kathryn Carlson / Fundraising Committee Chair

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As you are all aware, I love to get around by bike and it’s not just because of the exercise and free parking. The awesome thing about biking, walking and transit to get around town is that you bump into people. You chat on the train, stop on the corner, catch up or decide to grab a coffee or beer. In essence, I love to bike because it makes me feel more connected to this place and to a community.

It's also necessary for the health of our region and economy. Our streets our packed and we need to find better ways to move people around. We need children to be able to safely walk and bike to schools, elderly to have mobility options and commuters to not waste time sitting in traffic jams.

I'm on the board of LivableStreets because I'm passionate about our mission and confident in the work we do. We have shown great effectiveness and success over our 10+ year existence and your help makes all of this possible. Please join my team for this fun event and party or consider contributing in any amount you are able.

Thank you!

Bio: Kathryn grew up in Milwaukee under the “New Urbanism” administration of Mayor John Norquist, which helped fuel her passion about urban land use. She has been an avid bike commuter in Madison, WI, Boston, London, and Paris. As Chair of the Fundraising Committee, Kathryn has helped to grow the organization’s budget and staff. Kathryn is currently Director of Transportation at A Better City, where she leads the organization’s research and policy agenda for Metro Boston's transportation system. She is also the creator of Buca Boot, a lockable, weatherproof bike basket that makes it easier for people to choose a bike for daily transportation needs. Kathryn holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Wellesley College and a Master of Science in Economics & Economic History from the London School of Economics. In her free time, Kathryn enjoys playing the fiddle and sailing.

Kathryn says: Transportation isn't just a system for moving people quickly through an area, but the critical backbone to place-making and livability. 

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Kathryn Carlson

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