Jascha grew up in Brookline and has lived in South Boston since 2010. He has enjoyed getting around Boston by bike, foot, and public transit since he was a teenager, and wants his son to grow up in a city where he can safely, independently explore his community without a car. He sees transportation as central to some of the biggest challenges facing our planet and society: climate change, economic inequality, and urban quality of life, and he is passionate about finding ways to improve the status quo. He spends his days as the Executive Director of the Open Mobility Foundation, where he helps cities manage emerging mobility services (like shared bikes, cars, and scooters) using data and open source software. He previously served in the cabinet of Mayor Martin J. Walsh as the Chief Information Officer for the City of Boston, and was the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Blue State Digital. He is an avid cook, hiker, and weightlifter, and is mildly obsessed with low-speed personal electric vehicles.

Jascha Franklin-Hodge 90sc

Jascha Franklin-Hodge

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