Support Jackie and LivableStreets 2015

If we create more livable streets and public spaces, then more people are out walking and being active, biking their kids to school, enjoying the train, sitting at outdoor patios, and having fun getting to where they need to go. And when we don’t… we see speeding cars on our neighborhood streets, collisions, no one walking or playing, and fatal crashes.

I work to make the Boston region a place where people will choose to bike, walk, and take transit in order to create more vibrant public space, give people transportation options, and make a difference in my community. The bicycle brings me so much joy that I wish for others to experience the same.

Support my work with the LivableStreets Alliance by donating to my Tour de Streets fundraiser! Tour de Streets is an annual fun, family-friendly event that supports LivableStreets' goal of creating a transportation system that promotes safe, convenient, and affordable transportation options in the Boston metro area -- for everyone -- whether you bike, walk, drive or take the T!

Please make a donation today to help me support LivableStreets vital work. Any amount is welcome, no matter how small or large. If you prefer to mail a check: mail to LivableStreets Alliance, 70 Pacific Street, Cambridge, MA 02139 - and make check payable to LivableStreets.

Thank you so much and I hope to see you soon!

P.S. If you're interested in fundraising with me, register today! And join my team -- Team Rad!

Jacqueline DeWolfe 834.80sc

Jacqueline DeWolfe