Issue #157 - April



Issue #157 - April 2021



Boston Globe Reruns 1964 Article Word for Word Because Exactly Nothing Has Changed

Source: The Boston Globe, 12 Jan 1964

Bogged down by coronavirus coverage, the Boston Globe recently looked for ways to help streamline their reporting. Turning to the archives, editors made the decision to re-run an article from January 12, 1964 titled “Commuter Chaos - Transit ‘Must’ in Hub Crisis” in today’s paper.

“Mass transportation in Greater Boston has been pointing toward the crisis stage for nearly a decade. Now the crisis is upon us.” Truer words have never been written... except they were -- in 1964 when they were originally published in The Globe.

Learn what you can do to prevent the crisis here.


Massachusetts Residents Hold Bake Sale to Pay for Transportation

Source: April Fools! But we do love the Girl Scouts who sell cookies at T stops every year!

A coalition of Massachusetts residents, fed up with the state of our transportation system and the lack of action from the Administration, have banded together to hold a bake sale to raise funds for key transportation improvements.

“We are in a transportation crisis and the congestion is coming back,” said Tip Mempsey. “The time is now to raise revenue to fix our roads and bridges and build back better. We can fix this!”

The recently formed coalition, called Treats for Transportation (@Treats4Transpo), spans a wide range of interests and stakeholders -- including the Girl Scouts, who were contracted for their sales and marketing expertise. The group will be selling cookies decorated to look like trains, buses and bridges online and in front of the State House all week.

“We can start to make a real impact on issues like rising greenhouse gas emissions and crumbling infrastructure one cookie at a time,” calculated Mari Toff-Lebitz. Show your support for the Treats for Transportation Coalition here.

Bravo Announces New Reality TV Show Featuring Local Planning Agencies

Last week Bravo TV announced a new reality show modeled after their “Real Housewives” series, called “The Real Planning Agencies of Boston.”

The reality show will feature several agencies and departments that play a role in transportation planning in Boston including CTPS, DCR, MAPC, BTD, DPW, MassDOT, and many more. If you don’t know what the acronyms stand for - well, that’s part of the fun!

The series will focus on the everyday lives of planners navigating the complicated and challenging world of transportation planning in Boston. You’ll view never before seen footage from a 6+ hour long public meeting and watch the drama unfold around the reconstruction of a multi-jurisdictional intersection.

“We think there's a really compelling story to showcase here,” said Bravo TV spokesperson. “I’m sure a lot of other metro regions can relate to the stories we’re going to tell.” Check out when the new series airs here.





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