Mode shift: moving from driving to transit, biking, and walking



Mode shift: moving from driving to transit, biking, and walking

Wednesday, July 22, 7:00 - 9:00 pm
by Jason Schrieber, Principal, Nelson/Nygaard Consulting Associates

@ LivableStreets office space, 100 Sidney Street, Central Square, Cambridge [ map... ]

free and open to the public, donation suggested. beer/sodas provided compliments of Harpoon Brewery and delivered thanks to Metro Pedal Power!

What makes people shift out of their cars? Is it building more subways, bike lanes, and better sidewalks? Is it financial factors like a gas tax, congestion charges, and parking prices? Is it land use patterns like a mix of uses, local retail and where people live and work? Or how about the health and environmental benefits? Think about the factors that make you choose to walk, bike, drive or take transit. What would make you, or the people you know, take one mode of transportation over another?

Come to the StreetTalk to hear Jason's perspectives on these issues related to the metro-Boston area, and get a visual tour of some of the great places in the world for getting around. Jason will reveal some surprising truths comparing the subsidy for transit versus that for driving. He will talk about several local initiatives aimed at helping us achieve "mode shift".

Jason Schrieber has 14 years of multi-modal planning and design experience including changing parking policies to better balance cars and other modes of transportation. Jason previously worked for the City of Cambridge where he managed all planning activities for the City's transportation department. Nelson/Nygaard:

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> LivableStreets is advocating for city and state agencies to encourage mode shift during the construction of all Charles River basin bridges. Read more about our ideas and efforts here >>> external

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