Emily grew up in the auto-oriented suburbs of the San Francisco Bay Area, but is now delighted to live car-free in Somerville. An avid pedestrian, bike commuter, and recreational cyclist, she is passionate about expanding complete street infrastructure and multi-use paths throughout the region to support active transportation. Emily currently serves as a Venture Partner at Fontinalis Partners, a venture capital firm focused exclusively on investments in the transportation sector. Previously, she was one of the original employees at Lyft, where she lead the company's transportation policy team for several years, and at Lime, where she built the global policy and public affairs team from the ground up. She believes new mobility technologies can play an indispensable role in reducing reliance on car ownership - provided the right policies are in place to prioritize the public interest. When she's not caught up in wonky debates about mobility datasharing policy, running speed intervals around the Ellis Oval, or making a fool of herself at improv class, Emily can often be found walking her two beloved rescue dogs, Leo and Charlie, along the Somerville Community Path.

Emily Warren 46sc

Emily Warren