Dear Readers…

Posting a (mostly) weekly blog is bit like putting messages in a bottle and throwing them into the sea.

My goal was to share information about the connections between transportation, health, environmental sustainability, the built environment, economic growth, and societal well-being – as well as the implications of those connections for policy choices in my region and nation.  I’ve been organizing and working on these issues for nearly fifty years, but it’s a bit of a presumptuous stretch to think that other people might be interested in what I had to say.

So for a year-and-a-half I’ve been writing down my thoughts, analyses, and suggestions and sending them out, never really sure who would stumble across it on the virtual beach.  To reassure myself that someone is actually seeing it, I’ve recently begun emailing an occasional sampling of my posts.  (Let me know if you want to be included by emailing me at [email protected].)

To my endless amazement and pleasure, I now get feedback and comments not only from Boston friends and colleagues but from around the world.   Thank you.  It’s wonderful to know that people find this useful!

A lot of what keeps me going is my connection to LivableStreets Alliance, which brings together people from a wide spectrum of fields to focus on how to create more livable communities through better transportation policy from complete streets to improved transit.  Thanks in part to LivableStreets’ work, Boston got its first bike lanes, the state has agreed to improve pedestrian access across the Charles River bridges, the MBTA is installing covered bike parking facilities at subway and train stations, MassDOT is beginning to address its “Healthy Transportation” commitments, Complete Streets is becoming part of regional transportation planning, and “park(ing) day” has become an annual festival.

Like most small nonprofits, LivableStreets Alliance depends on public support.  So I’m urging all of you to become a member and if you’re already a member to rejoin and give an end of year contribution today.

I promise to keep sharing analytic frameworks that, I hope, help make sense of a bit of our world and point the way for meaningful action.  Won’t you help, too!  Please donate today.

And a wonderful New Year to all!

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