Brian Sant / Board Chair

Brian lives in Roslindale and enjoys getting around Boston by bike, walking, and public transit (including sexy buses!). In addition to having the most tattoos of any board member, he is passionate about making streets safer for vulnerable road users. As Board Chair, he works closely with the Executive Director and LivableStreets staff on strategic planning, fundraising, and board governance. Brian has more than 20 years experience in the nonprofit field, with a focus on sustainability and environmental solutions to global issues like climate change, water scarcity, and human rights abuses. In his role as Digital Director at Ceres, he oversees the organization's website and other digital properties, engages audiences through social media and email, and has experience developing podcasts, videos and other multimedia material. He’s excited to see LivableStreets increase their advocacy outreach with more community engagement across all neighborhoods. In his free time, you can find Brian biking, traveling, or fine tuning cocktail recipes.

Brian says: Support my sustainability habit! 

Contact: [email protected]


Brian Sant 3450.40sc

Brian Sant

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