Applying A Health Lens to the Design of the Destination Medical Center's City Loop

Chris Saleeba of Alta Planning and Design will share how he and his team are using health data in the planning and design process for the Destination Medical Center’s (DMC) City Loop in Rochester, MN. The City Loop is envisioned to be a signature walking and biking facility that encircles downtown Rochester that connects with existing trail networks and destinations in the city. The City Loop will provide connections to each DMC district and tie visitors, residents, and workers to nature, culture, and entertainment. 

Chris will talk about opportunities and challenges with using data from the CDC’s 500 Cities: Local data for better health for assessing chronic disease at the neighborhood level; designing for safety to maximize increasing the rate of physical activity to reduce the risk of chronic disease; and discussing strategies for designing a safe bicycle and pedestrian facility when there are competing interests within a limited right of way.