Sam Schweizer / Secretary

Sam is a resident of Hyde Park and regularly commutes in Boston by bike and transit. As a certified Lean Green Belt and member of the Governance Committee, Sam enjoys using his inner process-nerd to help LivableStreets improve Board efficiency and organizational design. Sam is currently Senior Manager in Blue Cross of Massachusetts Operations, leading a team responsible for maintaining HIPAA compliance and providing support for the company’s electronic data interchange. He holds a Master of Business Administration in Health Care Management from Boston University and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of New Hampshire. Sam is most excited to see how LivableStreets Better Buses campaign can impact Boston’s bus network. He believes that the relatively low cost improvements of bus priority could have huge impact on performance and demand for buses in Boston. In his free time, Sam loves spending time with his immediate and extended family, cooking at home, cycling, and hiking.

Sam says: Small changes add up to big benefits when it comes to how we design and use our streets.


Samuel Schweizer 342sc

Samuel Schweizer