[Action e-lert] URGENT Act today for transportation!

Urgent Action e-lert


Important transportation funding decisions will be made in the next two days. We need you to contact your elected leaders in the next 24 hours. Demand that Massachusetts fund its transportation system!


Click here to contact your legislators today: Urge them to fully fund transportation!   


Without funding, we won't see the street changes we advocate for, roads and bridges will stay in disrepair, buses and trains will continue  to age, transit service will be cut, and many people who have limited transportation options will be stranded at home. A recent study estimates that not investing this funding will increase congestion and business operating expenses, costing the Commonwealth's economy up to $28 billion and 15,600 jobs between now and 2030. The cost of doing nothing is dire. If you don't act it will be devastating.  


Investment in a safe and reliable transportation system that supports better biking, walking, and public transit will keep Massachusetts livable and competitive, strengthen our communities, and give people choices for getting around. This is what we have been waiting for! Now is the time to act. Ask your elected leaders to prioritize investment decisions this week. NOW is the time to let them know that you support statewide investments in transportation.


Thank you,





Jackie Douglas, Executive Director


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