We believe that combining advocacy and education with direct action is the best way to achieve meaningful, lasting impact that results in more livable streets. That’s why we get directly involved in transportation projects around Boston, helping to inspsire a vision for a better world, create momentum, build consensus, and foster cooperation between groups. 

2014 Campaign:

Safer Streets 
Increasing safety on our streets for people of all ages who walk, bike, drive, and use public transit. Safety Can't Wait!

(Photo by Glen Berkowitz)

Other Campaigns:

In addition to specific campaigns, we track and are involved in more than 80 projects across the region. A sample of specific projects include:                                        

  • Beacon Street, Somerville
  • Causeway Street, Boston
  • Melnea Cass Blvd, Boston
  • Huron Ave, Cambridge
  • Mystic Valley Parkway at Alewife Brook
  • Crossroads
  • Greenway District Planning Study
  • Charles River Path Improvements
  • Green Line Extension/Community Path Extension
  • Concord Ave, Cambridge
  • Somerville Ave, Somerville
  • Mass Ave, Boston
  • Commonwealth Ave Phase I, Boston
  • Commonwealth Ave Phase II, Boston
  • JP Center/South Streets
  • Union Square, Somerville  
  • Transportation Finance Reform
  • 28x Bus Improvements
  • Assembly Square, Somerville
  • Broadway, East Somerville
  • EOT Transportation Enhancements Contract
  • Harvard Allston
  • Jamaica Pond
  • Magoun Square, Somerville
  • Museum Road and Forsyth Way
  • Nonantum Road
  • River St/Prospect St at Mass Ave, Cambridge
  • Route 5, West Springfield
  • Route 99, Boston/Everett
  • Silver Line
  • Somerville Bicycle Facilities                                                                                                               
  • Tremont Street
  • Central Artery/Tunnel Project
  • Downtown Crossing                                                                                                   


For a list of some accomplishments, click here >>>

In addition to major projects, LivableStreets frequently submits comment letters in response to particular roadway, bridge, and development projects. A comprehensive list of comment letters submitted by LivableStreets can be found on our Comment Letters page.


Know of a project where we can make a difference? E-mail us.