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LivableStreets in the news:

Boston has right idea in expanding car-sharing services
The Boston Globe, February 6, 2015

We all suffer when Boston residents can't find a place to park
The Boston Globe, January 30, 2015

Bike advocates, city officials talk about Comm. Ave construction plans
The Daily Free Press, December 10, 2014

LivableStreets is Turning to Copenhagen for Better Bike Practices in Greater Boston
BostInno, December 1, 2014

B Line T stops could merge
Wicked Local Brookline, October 31, 2014

B Line plan would consolidate stops
Wicked Local Allston-Brighton, October 29, 2014

Governor to Make Announcement About Allston's Mass Pike Interchange Project
Boston Magazine, September 29, 2014

Boston bikers urge City to build cycle track on Comm. Ave.
The Daily Free Press, September 25, 2014

Running and riding for good reasons
The Boston Globe, September 8, 2014

$16M Comm Ave Reconstruction Plan Would Trim Sidewalks, Widen MBTA Tracks
BostInno, August 27, 2014

Making Comm Ave. Work for All Modes of Transit is Like Tackling a Rubik's Cube
Boston Magazine, August 4, 2014

Bicyclists see missed opportunity in Commonwealth Ave. overhaul

The Boston Globe, August 2, 2014

The love affair is over
The love affair is over
$16M Comm
 Ave Reconstruction Plan Would Trim Sidewalks, Widen MBTA Tracks
BostInno, August 27, 2014

Making Comm. Ave. Work for All Models of Transit Is Like Tackling a
 Rubik's Cube
Boston Magazine, August 4, 2014

Bicyclist see missed opportunity in Commonwealth Ave. overhal
The Boston Globe, August 2, 2014

Allston, Brighton residents rally for safer Cambridge Street
Wicked Local West Roxbury, July 30, 2014

New Cambridge St. Renderings Illustrate MassDOT's Plans for Bike & Pedestrian Safety
BostInno, July 29, 2014

Hubway and Green Links Initiative
Paul Lukez Architecture Blog, July 3, 2014

Off Track: WTF Happened to Plans for an Allston Commuter Rail Line?
dig Boston, June 3, 2014

Parents buy in to bikes with kids aboard
The Boston Globe, May 24, 2014

Urban Visionaries
Carnegie Mellon University, May 13, 2014

LivableStreets Alliance Launches Campaign for Cars to Safely Share the Road
BostInno, May 1, 2014

Somerville bike pathway to expand
The Boston Globe, May 1, 2014

How the 'car-light' trend is changing Michigan, and the nation
The Center for Michigan | Bridge Magazine, April 22, 2014

Straighter Mass. Pike may dramatically redefine Allston
The Boston Globe, April 10, 2014

Nonprofit aims to improve transportation, health in Fall River
The Herald News, February 24, 2014

Building Public Support for Better Bridge Projects
Advocacy Advance, December 9, 2013

Working Groups meeting to advise on ways to advance policy goals
Boston 2014 Transition Committee, December 3, 2013

The love affair is overColumbia Journalism Review, November 1, 2013

Packed transportation forum touches on the T, parking, and 'cycle tracks'
Boston Globe, September 18, 2013

Mayoral rivals offer formulas for transit, parking
Boston Globe, Sept 17, 2013

Driving drops, but Portland gridlock among the tops
The Oregonian, September 15, 2013

Needham invited to join Bike4Life ride in Newton Sept. 15
Wicked Local Needham, Aug 28, 2013 

Consumers Are 'Driving Light,' By Choice and By Accident
Forbes, August 4, 2013

Boston Globe Insiders: Bicycle safety in Boston
The Boston Globe, July 30th, 2013

Rethinking Our Reliance On Cars
WBUR, Radio Boston, July 29, 2013

Longfellow Bridge Closure Causing Traffic Nightmare
WGBH News, July 24, 2013

CNU’s Highways to Boulevards Blog series: McGrath Highway, June 12, 2013

Mandatory helmet law is wrong approach
The Boston Globe, May 26, 2013

Boston bicyclists flex political clout, May 22, 2013

Leading Boston bicycle advocates to study how to make city biking safer, May 21, 2013

Cycling is on the rise, but is Mass. serious about sharing the road?, May 21, 2013

Helmet vending machines set to debut, and a cycle track in the works for the Seaport District, May 19, 2013

Walls come tumbling down, May 16, 2013

MassDOT Wants to Bring Down the ‘Monument to Urban Blight’, May 16, 2013

With crash data, Boston tries to make bicycling safer
The Boston Globe, May 15, 2013

Cycling is on the rise, but is Mass. serious about sharing the road?, May 10, 2013

Mother's Day traffic madness, and how to best attack rush hour, May 10, 2013

Creating a transportation plan for 21st Century Massachusetts
Plymouth Rock Assurance Blog, May 10, 2013

And the winner is? You!
Metro Cover, May 8, 2013

MBTA Rider wins Boston's Rush Hour Race
Metro, May 7, 2013

Rush Hour Race
Curbed Boston, May 7, 2013

Car, Bike or MBTA? What's the Fastest Way to Get From Davis Square to South Station?
BostInno, May 7, 2013

Biking Loses This Years Rush Hour Race
Boston Biker, May 7, 2013

T Rider Wins Rush Hour Race From Davis Square to South Station
Somerville Patch, May 7, 2013

When Traveling From Somerville to South Station, Take the MBTA
Boston Magazine, May 7, 2013

WGBH Panel Discussion on Bicycling in Boston
WGBHNewsroom, May 6, 2013

Bay State cyclists describe myriad reasons to ride, May 6, 2013

Car, Bike or MBTA: What's the Fastest Way to Get From Davis Square to South Station?
BostInno, May 6, 2013

'Vulnerable road user' bill aims for safer streets, May 5, 2013

Are bike lanes, infrastructure one path to safety?, May 5, 2013

What’s the Best Mode of Transportation When Commuting From Somerville to Boston?
Boston Magazine, April 29, 2013

Getting From Boston to Cambridge Has Never Been So Complicated
Boston Magazine, April 10, 2013

Spotted In Boston: Out And About In The City, March 28, 2013

LivableStreets hosts a T-riffic night of T Trivia
Transit Matters, March 28, 2013

Think You Know a Thing or Two About the MBTA? Prove It.
Boston Magazine, March 27, 2013

BostInno Approved: What to do this week 3/25/2013

Bostinno, March 25, 2013

Sen. Jehlen Speaks Out Against Beacon Street Reconstruction Plan
Somerville Patch, March 6, 2013

Longfellow Bridge repairs, disruption to start in summer
Boston Globe, February 28, 2013

Bike industry professionals pay it forward to Richard Fries of Bikes Belong, February 25, 2013

Minneapolis Advocates Brave the Cold to Plan Winning Cycle Track Campaign

Alliance for Biking and Walking, February 14, 2013

Highlights from NACTO's 2012 "Designing Cities" Conference
Streetfilms, January 23, 2013

Livable Streets with Charlie Denison
Critical Transit, January 2, 2013

Profile: Jackie Douglas
Boston Society of Architects, December 5, 2012
Through the eyes of a city cyclist
The Boston Globe, October 9, 2012

The METRO, October 4, 2012

Bike4Life Boston set for Sept 30th in Newton
Wicked Local Newton, September 22, 2012

Bike4Life peddling towards $50K goal
Metro, September, 05, 2012

Five leaders: Local bike advocates building a movement
Neighborland, August 22, 2012

Hubwaybike share launches in Cambridge
Wicked Local, July 31, 2012

Freeways Without Futures Revisited
Congress for New Urbanism, August 28, 2012

Somerville, Boston, mull future of 1950s overpasses
Boston Globe August 23, 2012

Bike to the future
Boston Globe July 8, 2012

Boston's new Circle The City draws people to parks this summer
Charlestown Patch June 28, 2012

Casey design may slim down
Jamaica Plain Gazette June 22, 2012

Why We Jaywalk (and What We Can Do About It)
Somerville Patch June 12, 2012

Bow Street In Somerville's Union Square: Safer Street For Everyone

Somerville Patch June 6, 2012

On Biking: Passing bikes on a blind curve
Boston Globe June 6, 2012

Fix now, flatten later: Residents question state's plans for McGrath
Somerville News June 6, 2012

Greater Somerville Hosts LivableStreets Alliance
Somerville Scout May 31, 2012

Let's Work Together To Remove McGrath

Somerville Patch May 29, 2012

Steven Nutter & Tom Bertulis - Livable Streets Alliance  
Greater Somerville May 29, 2012

Counting the Impact of Bike Commuting
Living on Earth May 18, 2012

On your mark - get set - commute!
The Somerville News May 16, 2012

Bike beats car, Red Line in race from Davis to Kendall this morning
Universal HUB May 14, 2012

Race to Kendall Square!
Cambridge Innovation Center Blog May 14, 2012

Monday: Rush Hour Race Pits Cars Against Bikes and MBTA
Somerville Patch May 13, 2012

Rush Hour Race pits cyclist, MBTA rider, driver against each other
Metro May 14, 2012

Rush Hour Race!
Boston Biker April 26, 2012

Biker wins rush hour race from Davis to Kendall squares, beating T rider, and driver
Boston Globe May 14, 2012

It's Official: The Bike is the Fastest Way to Get Around Boston During Rush Hour
BostInno May 14, 2012

On Biking: my last ride with Bike Czar Nicole Freedman
Boston Globe April 20, 2012

Take the High Road: A transportation expert points out the perks of a less car-centric society
TuftsNow March 30, 2012

Boston bicycling director to step down
Boston Globe April 3, 2012

'Casey Arborway' project met with cheers, protests
Jamaica Plain Gazette March 30, 2012

The MBTA Goes Hollywood: Documentary to be Featured on the Silver Screen
BostInno March 12, 2012

MBTA documentary trains spotlight on overnight workers
Boston Globe March 11, 2012

The 4th Annual Boston Bikes Update: Championing Safety, Innovation, and the "New Cyclist" in 2012
Boston Inno February 29, 2012

Boston Bike Update
Back Bay Patch February 28, 2012

Boston Bikes director lists accomplishments
Boston Globe February 27, 2012

Boston Inno Approved: What To Do This Week: 2/27/12
Boston Inno February 27, 2012

City Updating Residents on Progress, Goals of Bike Program
Boston Globe February 24, 2012

Longfellow Bridge loses outbound lane in new design
Boston Globe February 8, 2012

Overpass choice delayed
Jamaica Plain Gazette January 20, 2012

How One Fast Company Article Turned a Local Bike Lawyer into an International Businessman
BostonInno January 19, 2012

Good new for commuters: BU Bridge nearly done
Boston Globe December 25, 2011

Major Bridge Victory in Boston
Alliance for Biking & Walking December 21, 2011

On Biking: Holiday gift ideas for the cyclist December 14, 2011

Transportation Happenings in Newton
Suburban Bike Mama November 30, 2011

On Biking: latest Longfellow Bridge proposal good for everyone November 23, 2011

Overpass replacement choice to be made
Jamaica Plain Gazette November 22, 2011

Curious about what makes the T tick? Take a Tour November 20, 2011

Winning Campaigns Training
Led by the National Alliance for Biking & Walking, and hosted by LivableStreets, November, 2011

LivableStreets Alliance: The Group That Says It's Okay for Drivers, Bikers & Pedestrians to be Friends
BostInnovation Novemeber 10, 2011

Mock Green Line groundbreaking drives point in Somerville
Boston Globe October 21, 2011

New York’s transportation chief says there’s more work to be done
Boston Globe October 2, 2011

Study looking to take down portion of Somerville's McGrath Highway
Somerville Journal September 2011

Urban Activism in Boston: A Discussion
Northeastern University, September 20, 2010


Charlie Denison & Wenzday Jane-Urban Transportation Advocate & Eco-Friendly Business Owner
Greater Somervilee September 13, 2011


Courteous Mass-Boston: Biking to improving tone on road  September 9, 2011

Wheels in Motion: Boston drives to become more bike friendly
Business Journal August 19, 2011 

President Obama Announces More Key Administration Posts
The White House August 18, 2011 

T4MA Calls on New Transportation Secretary Davey to Champion a 21st Century Transportation System for the Commonwealth
Transit for America press release August 4, 2011

Boston lets it ride
Boston Herald July 26, 2011

Bicycle sharing could come to easter Cambridge by early fall
Boston Globe July 19, 2011

Writer calls for "livable, healthy, and prosperous" approach to McGrath Highway
Somerville Patch July 10, 2011

Cambridge, meet Worcester
Worcester Magazine  June 29, 2011

Taking action for green commuting
World Learning June 17, 2011

Featured member Jackie Douglas
World Learning Summer 2011

Can Brooklyn build a pedestrian-friendly arean at the Atlantic Yards site?
StreetSblog June 15, 2011
Dance festival in Cambridge June 11
Patriot Ledger June 2, 2011

Overpass group sets design goals
Jamaica Plain Gazette April 29, 2011

Governor aims to rein in auxiliary transit costs
Boston Globe April 6, 2011<

Bike-share program to be unveiled this week
The Tufts daily March 29, 2011

They ride to advocate for cyclists everywhere
Boston Globe March 17, 2011

Bike PGH receives "Advocacy Organization of the Year" from Alliance for Biking and Walking
Bike PGH March 14, 2011

Alliance for Biking & Walking announces 2011 Advocacy Award Winners
Bike World News, March 10, 2011

LaHood Kicks Off National Bike Summit,  March 8, 2011

LivableStreets Director Wins National Advocacy Award
Alliance for Biking & Walking March 8, 2011

Will Beacon Hill get a bike lane?
Boston Globe February 14, 2011

Trapped by walls of white
Boston Globe January 29, 2011

Bike advocates call for a change of culture on the city's roads
Boston Globe January 28, 2011

Cyclists found a friendlier Boston in 2010
Boston Globe January 27, 2011

Boston Bike Czar calls city "bike-friendly," says ridership has doubled in three years
Boston Globe January 27, 2011

Letter: Methuen rotoary project needs improvement
Eagle-Tribune January 26, 2011

Arlington: Support for new Mass. Ave plan
Boston Globe January 23, 2011

Mass. Ave. Corridor Project debate rolls on in Arlington
Arlington Advocate January 14, 2011

For parking turnover
Boston Herald January 10, 2011

LivableStreets Makes Progress on Boston Bridge - Learn More on Our Mutual Aid Call
Alliance for Biking and Walking December 14, 2010

On Biking: latest Longfellow Bridge proposal good for everyone
Boston Globe November 23, 2010

Group tackles plan to create a walkable and bikeable Dedham
Wicked Local November 20, 2010

For bikers, walkers, a positive step
Boston Globe, November 19, 2010

Idea wanted for making Dedham more bike, foot friendly
Boston Globe November 8, 2010

Tech for Transit: What Happens if You Give Up Your Car For a Week?
Read Write Web October 14, 2010

The MBTA holiday fruitcake
Wicked Local Cambridge October 7, 2010

(Park)ing Day 2010 - Harvard Avenue
Allston-Brighton TAB September 24, 2010

Space Invaders
The Boston Globe September 18, 2010

(Park)ing day 2010 - Brookline
Brookline TAB September 16, 2010

From Parking Space to People Space
Brookline Patch September 10, 2010

On Biking: Fixing the Charles River bridges for bikers

The Boston Globe, August 27, 2010

Deferred work dogs T riders too
The Boston Globe August 9, 2010

Envision Longfellow not just as a bridge, but an amenity
The Boston Globe July 29, 2010

On Biking: can't we all get along on our roads?
The Boston Globe July 28, 2010

Walz recieves award from LivableStreets Alliance
Wicked Local Cambridge July 28, 2010

T moving in right direction on disabled access
The Boston Herald July 27, 2010

Linking Cities and Eras
The Boston Globe July 25, 2010

LivableStreets Alliance honors officials 'who get it' -- 5 year anniversary Street Party coverage
The Boston Globe July 25, 2010

Bridge between Harvard Square and Allston could be reduced to three lanes
The Boston Globe July 23, 2010

Long-awaited Green Line extension to Somerville, Medford delayed again 
The Boston Globe July 11, 2010

LivableStreets Alliance-- Rethinking Urban Transportation in Boston
Carbusters* July 7, 2010

Mass Ave Lane Addition
South End News May 26, 2010

MBTA General Manager Davey and Bike Advocacy Groups Celebrate Bike Week
MBTA News May 19, 2010

Activists decries Longfellow Bridge sidewalk as "worst in Massachusetts"
Wicked Local May 5, 2010

Getting to know the Commonwealth's chief of Aeronautics
Boston Globe May 2, 2010

David Byrne and "Urban Revolutions" at MIT
Lovely Bicycle April 29, 2010

Boston's Transformation To A Bike-Friendly City: On The Road To Recovery
The Quad April 25, 2010

Letter: In reconstruction, focus on everyone who uses Cambridge bridges
Wicked Local Cambridge April 21, 2010

Coalition proposes eliminating Longfellow Bridge traffic lanes
Beacon Hill Times April 20, 2010

Safe crossings: Pedestrians require bridge underpasses
Boston Globe April 5, 2010

City, state get message on car-centric policies
Boston Globe March 12, 2010

Arlington bike group hosts winter social with special guest, Jackie Douglas, Director of LivableStreets
Boston Globe February 22, 2010

A new cycle of street life in Boston
Boston Society of Architects chapter letter January 20, 2010

Alliance Awards $104,000 in Grants
Bicycle Retailer December 14, 2009

Longfellow Bridge in the 21st Century
Boston Courant December 4, 2009

Inspection, assurances after Red Line warning
Boston Globe November 5, 2009

Transit Riders Movement
Boston Globe October 25, 2009

$80m in US funds for bike projects unspent in Mass.
Boston Globe October 14, 2009

Initiative would make Denver streets more friendly to pedestrians and bikes
Denver Post 10/13/09

Two-year construction begins on Mass Ave
Huntington News September 24, 2009

Bikes Belong Awards Five REI/BFC Grants
Pedal Pushers Online March 16, 2009

Walk the walk in Downtown Crossing
Boston Globe – letter to the editor 3/8/2009

Men at Work
Boston Herald – letter to the editor 2/26/2009

Bike czar creates buzz just gearing up
Boston Globe 2/22/2009

Look South!
Planetizen 2/18/2009

BU Bridge work is an effort to forge path to better transit
Boston Globe – letter to the editor 2/17/2009

Achieve Urban Happiness Tonight 2/5/2009

’Boston Bikes Annual Summary’ brings more Mass. Ave. debate
South End News 2/5/2009

Suit brewing on Mass. Ave.
South End News 1/21/2009

Some say BU Bridge repairs endangering bikers, walkers, geese
Cambridge Chronicle 10/17/2008

Parking Space a Park for Day
Harvard Crimson 9/21/2008

New Bike Cages at Alewife
Boston Globe 9/21/2008

But who speaks for the Geese? Advocates seek voice in BU Bridge project
Boston Globe 9/14/2008

Bridge set for facelift
Daily Free Press 9/9/2008

Pedal Power: More people using bicycles to commute to work
Boston Globe 8/21/2008

Rethinking Mass Ave
Boston Globe 8/10/2008

The Future of Crossing the Street
Boston Globe 8/10/2008

World-class bike cities? Why not Boston?
Boston Globe 3/23/2008

You Said It, JP!: 2007 in Quotes
JP Gazette 1/24/2008

Rethinking ‘Bus vs. Trolley’
Jamaica Plain Gazette 10/5/2007

Risky business at intersection
Boston Globe 12/23/2007

5th Annual AltWheels Festival: Meet the Heroes, Save the Planet. 26 Regional Individuals Doing Extraordinary Work
AltWheels 9/27/2007

Beaten path: Like the Emerald Necklace before it, the Charles River bike path is a jewel. This gem, however, has its flaws
Boston Globe 9/9/2007

The Bike/Ped Professional Advocate’s Corner: Interview with Jeff Rosenblum, Founder and President of LivableStreets Alliance
Association of Pedestrian & Bicycle Professionals 7/2007

Pedal Power
Boston Globe 7/8/2007

LivableStreets teams with MBTA for Bike Week
WBZ1030 5/14/2007 

"Pain at the Pump"
Chronicle, TV5 6/29/2007

Walking in the Hub may be heading downhill
Boston Globe 4/15/2007

Bike Bill Goes For A Third Spin: Advocates want stricter ticketing of riders, drivers
Boston Globe 1/14/2007

Group seeks debt relief for the T
Boston Globe 1/9/2007

Election bump for Fairmont Line work?
Dorchester Reporter 11/30/2006

The End of the Road: Boston has a long history of ruining itself to make room for drivers and their infernal cars. It’s time to start taking back our streets
Boston Magazine 11/2006

AltWheels rolls into
Boston E Magazine 9/28/2006

A Sustainable Transportation Vision for New England with LivableStreets Executive Director
WGBH 9/17/2006

The Power of Two Wheels
TUFTS Observer 9/15/2006

Sound Familiar?
StreetsBlog 9/8/2006

Brookline's nod to a bygone era: Town hopes to re-create Village Square's bustling urban atmosphere
Boston Globe 8/26/2006

Brookline attempts to connect Necklace
JP Gazette 8/15/2006

How To Live Well Without Owning A Car
Book by Chris Balish 8/12/2006

At this circle, debate goes 'round: $4.5m ramps draw ire, praise
Boston Globe 8/6/2006

The question is: Should the city go `car free' more often?
Boston Globe 7/9/2006

LivableStreets briefs Brookline on Boston's BU/Comm. Ave design
Brookline Tab 5/24/2009

T Riders Oversight Committee requests more money from Legislature
Metro 5/15/2006

A long ride, with miles to go: Cyclists call for more and improved trails
Boston Globe 5/14/2006

LivableStreets supports public radio
WBUR 5/12/2006

Boston can be a bike city… if you fix these 5 big problems
Phoenix 5/11/2006

Bike over trash to save on gas
Metro 5/2/2006

City leaders plan for Storrow Drive tunnel project
NECN 3/27/2006

Shifting gears, group merges transit message
Boston Globe 3/19/2006

Golden Shoe Awards
WalkBoston Awards 3/30/2006

Cambridgeport fears new buses 3/16/2006

Worst Cities: It’s still a jungle in these 3 urban centers
Bicycling Magazine 3/2006

New Look for Comm. Ave in the works
BU Source 1/26/2006