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Complete Streets

Complete streets are roadways designed to serve all users: pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists, and transit users of all ages and abilities. We believe a complete streets approach is vital to a safe, equitable urban transportation network.

Key Links:

Complete Streets Local Policy Workbook
and Bicycle Information Center
NACTO Urban Bikeway Design Guide (Also see the Urban Street Design Guide)
Boston Complete Streets
League of American Bicyclists
Boston Bikes

More Detail:

The Best Complete Streets Policies of 2013
Federal Highway Administration’s Traffic Control guide
MassDOT Project Design Guide
Brookline Bikes
MassDOT Highway/Bridge Project Information
MassDOT traffic counts on Google maps
Bicycle Parking and Zoning guide - City of Cambridge

Bridges + Overpasses:  

LivableStreets wants better bridges that are safe, rebalanced to serve all users, and foster more accessible, healthy communities. We also believe that certain urban overpasses were designed for a driving culture that is no longer prevalent today - and, having outlived their usefulness, should be removed to reunite divided neighborhoods.

More Detail:

Charles River Bridges - MassDOT website


We connect the MBTA to advocates when considering station upgrades for bike parking, access and security. We fight fare increases and service cuts, while raising awareness of the agency’s unjust debt burden.

Key Links:

Transportation Research Board

More Detail:

Institute for Transportation & Development Policy - expertise on Bus Rapid Transit and other transit topics

Green Routes

Creating a network of safe, aesthetically inviting walking and bicycling facilities is key to convincing people to get around without their cars. Such a network should foster the expansion of our green spaces – parks, greenways, river banks, gardens, open space, and tree-lined boulevards.

Key Links:

Rails to Trails Conservancy

Open Streets:

LivableStreets remains actively involved in Circle the City Boston, a collaborative event comprised of Boston-area organizations, promoting the alternative use of city streets, including walking, biking, roller-skating, dancing, and fitness.

Key Links:

Circle The City Boston
Open Streets Project - information and resources from open streets projects across the country
Open Streets Initiatives - map of national open streets initiatives

Boston & MA Specific Information:

Local advocacy groups, government agencies, local projects

Boston Redevelopment Authority
BRA Crossroads Initiative
BRA Development Project List
Connect Historic Boston
Boston Cyclists Union
Charles River Conservancy
Metropolitan Area Planning Council
MassDOT Jurisdiction of Roads - maps of road repair and maintenance responsibilities


Blogs and other resources.

Starts and Stops - Boston Globe blog
Amateur Planner
Biking in Heels