At LivableStreets Alliance we recognize that complex challenges require bold ideas and partnership between advocacy organizations, government, the private sector, and the public. We lead and participate in several initiatives that foster innovation, collaboration and action. Learn more about our featured initiatives below! 

  • Vision Zero

    A new standard for safety on our streets — Vision Zero ensures a basic right of safety for all people as they move about thier communities. Boston and Cambridge have each made a public commitment to Vision Zero, with the goal of eliminating all traffic deaths, based on the premise that these serious loses are preventable.
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  • Better Buses

    Imagine saving two weeks on your commute every year . . . Dedicated bus lanes, signal priority, and other techniques that prioritize people on buses are an essential ingredient for Complete Streets in Boston, helping to integrate transit, bike paths, and walkways to anchor a world-class transportation network.
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  • Go Boston 2030

    How do you want to get around Boston in the future? Go Boston 2030 seeks to radically improve how people get around Boston over the next 15 years. Fueled by data from an 18-month creative public engagement process, the plan will propose how we can better move people while supporting significant improvements in equity, climate, and the economy.
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