Business Membership


How membership helps

Financial support: LivableStreets relies on the generous contribution of our donors to ensure we are able to advocate for better biking, walking, and transit 365 days a year — creating safe streets and vibrant communities. Membership contributions create a critical base for our daily operations and ensure that we can plan ahead for our core work and major campaigns.

Why become a business member

Showcase your leadership. By becoming a business member you aren’t simply donating to a cause, you are demonstrating your support for creating a world-class transportation system in Boston and adding your company’s voice to a growing movement.

You and your employees will join a diverse network. While our members are diverse in their locations, occupations and personal interests, they are united in their passion for improving Boston’s transportation infrastructure. We provide numerous opportunities to mix and mingle at member events, through our advocacy committee and other committee and volunteer opportunities.

You’ll be making Boston a better place to live, work and visit. Most members join because they want to ensure that Boston, the home of the first public transportation system in the country, once again leads in transportation innovation. Becoming a LivableStreets member is and easy and impactful way to positively contribute to your community.

To join as a Business Member contact Stacy Thompson at!

Business membership benefits: $1000 annual fee

checkmark.png  Company logo on LivableStreets website

checkmark.png  10 individual memberships for your employees

checkmark.png  A discounted rate of $35/year (regular $60/year) for each additional employee membership

checkmark.png  Access to LivableStreets Alliance members events free of charge

checkmark.png  Quarterly members-only email

Business members

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In addition to business membership, LivableStreets Alliance offers event and other annual sponsorship opportunities on a rolling basis. To learn more about our currently available options or to suggest an alternative partnership idea please contact Stacy Thompson at